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Wonder Woman 1984 Vol.1 #1

Wonder Woman 1984 Vol.1 #1

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Diana Prince shows off a Viking warrior's skeleton to three students at the Smithsonian Institution and Teo assumes them to be a man, upon which Diana corrects him stating that they were a woman. As Jazz teases him, the conversation turns to how the three students messed up a senior's car for bullying a newcomer. Dr. Thomas meanwhile shows the section containing precious gems donated by Maxwell Lord, to Dr. Barbara Minerva, who is highly fascinated by the Noble Diamond.

As Dr. Thomas takes Barbara to the weapons exhibit, a group of men dressed in museum uniforms enter and claim that they have been sent to install new gems for display. Diana meanwhile praises Jazz for trying to protect others, but states she could have used a more peaceful solution. As the other two students agree out of resentment for their detention, Jazz replies that they can only depend on themselves as the adults never help.

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