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The Adventures Of Cyclops & Phoenix - Set #1. #2, #3

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Jean wakes up in and finds her mind is in another person's body as is Scott's. They are also in a future reality and appear to not have their powers. They find they are in the realm of Apocalypse and it is in some sort of future timeline. They both realize that Rachel Summers is now known as Mother Askani and has brought them to this reality to help them save Earth in this timeline.
They battle their way past Apocalypse's minions, one of whom is named Ch'Vayre. He finds out that the new strangers are actually the parents of the Mother Askani. Meanwhile, Rachel uses her power to give Scott and Jean their powers to these new bodies they have been given. Rachel slowly goes into a coma. Ch'Vayre is then heard taunting them with Cyclops' son, Nathan, who was originally sent to this timeline by Askani.
He seems to have been deformed by the techno-organic virus that he was injected with by Apocalypse. Cyclops fights his way to save his son and he and Jean soon see that their powers are slowly returning. They battle Ch'Vayre and rescue Nathan and Jean and Cyclops realize they are stuck in this reality to raise Scott's son Nathan.

Estimated Condition: VF (Used) - excellent condition

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