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Herogasm - SET of 6 Issues nos 1# - #6

Herogasm - SET of 6 Issues nos 1# - #6

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This is ALL SIX issues of the mini-series.
Garth Ennis really goes over the top with this six-issue limited spin-off of his hit series The Boys with scenes of an satirical scenes of a highly adult nature.
The stylized, cartoonish art by McCrea and Burns is never more apt here, to distance the viewer and at the same time to piledrive the idea how utterly freaky the sex would be if superheroes ever have the chance to go at it.
Yet it is never just about the sex alone. If you can get the pun on the name Isla McFarlane, then you can see how much of a metaphor Herogasm is for comics of today.
Even for a Garth Ennis work, graphic and sexually explicit language and content.
For mature readers only.
Estimated Condition: VF/NM

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