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Stitched: Terror #3 - Horrified Variant

Stitched: Terror #3 - Horrified Variant

  • £9.95

This series is rated Adults Only
DISCLAIMER: graphic sexuality gore sadistic violence

With her town under assault, Sheriff Kat Noble has to face the unkillable creatures before there is no one left to save!  It's carnage with  Stitched loose in the streets!   Pat Shand and Daniel (Uber) Gete make America scared again!  
Available with all-star cover art:  Regular by Nahuel Lopez, Wraparound by Raulo Caceres, Gore and Brutal by Daniel Gete, Lurking and POV by Renato Camilo, and topped off with Fifty Shades Intense, and Fifty Shades Torture covers by Camilo, each limited to 50 copies!
Estimated Condition: NM (New)

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