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2001: A Space Odyssey #1

2001: A Space Odyssey #1

  • £20.00

The issue starts in the distant past where the monolith instructs a hunter on how to craft a spear and then shifts to the future where two astronauts discover an alien ruin. One of the astronauts is killed by a creature, but the other, Woodrow Decker, is transported into a pastoral countryside by the monolith. Here he rapidly ages until he dies and is converted by the monolith into an embryo-type creature referred to as a 'new seed' to explore the galaxy.

*This is a PENCE copy, price shown on cover is 10p.


  • This issue loosely retells the plot of the film 2001, but with new characters and slightly different scenarios.

Key Issue: 1st Appearance Machine Man

Estimated Condition: FN (Used)



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