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Action Comics #267 - DC Comics - 1960 - Back Issue

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Action Comics #267 - DC Comics 1960 - Back Issue

Although he is locked away in prison, Lex Luthor is able to build a time projector device using solar energy to power it. He uses the device to pluck Hercules out of the ancient past and make him appear in the present. Luthor tricks Hercules (by telling him he was imprisoned by an unjust king who took his gold) into breaking him out of prison. Taking Hercules to one of his secret labs, Luthor uses a device to teach him English and educate him on the 20th Century. Hercules is interested in news broadcasts about Superman, and Luthor intends to "tell" Hercules all about the Man of Steel after they get back "his" gold.

Later, when Hercules learns that he was tricked by Luthor into committing a crime, he saves the Man of Steel by throwing a chunk of Green Kryptonite that Luthor intended to use on Superman. Superman and Hercules then easily capture Luthor and turn him back over to the authorities. Afterwards, Hercules asks Superman to allow him to explore the 20th Century. Agreeing Superman sets him up in a civilian identity of Roger Tate, and takes him to the Daily Planet. There Clark gets him a job as a photographer, and Hercules is instantly smitten by Lois Lane.

When he's sent on assignment to photograph a lion tamer, "Tate" goes into action as Hercules when the animals break loose. Later he is ordered by Perry to bring Lois her lunch. Lois is at the Acme Studio posing for Moon Kiss Perfume, and he is even more enchanted by her when he sees her in costume. Eventually, Hercules proposes to Lois Lane and reveals his true identity to her. Lois declines his offer of marriage, telling him that she only loves Superman, but she will respect his secret identity.

Over the coming days, Hercules attempts to impress Lois with a series of super-feats, however they pale in comparison to what the Man of Steel is able to do. Jealous and seeking more power, Hercules takes an assignment in Greece. Arriving there he goes to the Cave of the Oracle and summons the Oracle. The Oracle then opens a portal to the temple of the gods. There he meets with Jove, Mercury, Venus, Vulcan, and Achilles and asks them to grant him with their powers so that he might be able to defeat Superman. Granting him with their powers, the Gods send Hercules off with their blessing, the demi-god returning to Metropolis and vowing to defeat Superman.

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