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Action Comics #277 - DC Comics - 1961 - Back Issue

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Action Comics #277 - DC Comics - 1961 - Back Issue
An emergency erupts while Superman is off-planet. Having nowhere else to turn, the authorities free Lex Luthor from prison so he might aid them in preventing an airplane carrying a hydrogen bomb from crashing. Luthor uses anti-gravity equipment to save the plane, but then turns it on the police so that they cannot return him to prison.
Afterwards, he returns to his hideout in the museum, which he has christened, "Luthor's Lair" to plan his next scheme against Superman. Luthor uses his weird technology to rob the federal gold reserve from Fort Knox. Superman arrives on the scene, but Luthor scares him off with a cage of Kryptonite. Back at his lair, Luthor laughs over the fact that the Kryptonite he used was fake. But his victory is short lived however, as he discovers that the foe he defeated was actually one of Superman's robots. Enraged over the hollow victory, Lex returns all of the gold to Fort Knox.
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