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Action Comics #314 - DC Comics - 1964 - Back Issue

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Action Comics #314 - DC Comics 1964 - Back Issue.

Superman is summoned by five fellow members of the Justice League to view an artifact that Aquaman's pet octopus has found deep in the sea. It proves to be a videotape from Jor-El, showing how he consulted the Computer Forecaster on Kal-El's future on any one of six different planets.

Planet Xann: A world of giants, where Kal-El is a tiny, superstrong Atom; but is lonely.
Planet Valair: A world covered in water, where Kal-El becomes an Aquaman, but longs for the sky.
Planet Ntann: A backwards world lit by a red sun, where Kal-El becomes a peaceful Green Arrow; but everyone wants war.
Planet Saruun: In the permanent twilight of an eclipsed red sun; Kal-El becomes a Batman; but longs for the light.
Planet Ganger: Despite the red sun, Kal-El becomes a Flash, but runs right off of the planet.
Jor-El discovers that Kal would not be happy on any of those worlds, and sends him to become Superman on Earth; where he is appreciated and loved.

As the tape ends, Superman realizes why his five comrades have greeted him — because, on the five other worlds, he had become a one-man Justice League.

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