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Action Comics #320 - DC Comics - 1965 - Back Issue

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Action Comics #320 - DC Comics - 1965 - Back Issue

Clark, Lois and Jimmy are assigned to test an underground bomb shelter for 3 days. While they are confined to the shelter, the city of Metropolis experiences a electrical equipment blackout. Clark is able to pinpoint the origin of the problem to a pair of thieves that has invented an inhibitor wave. Since he is confined to the shelter, Clark is unable to switch to Superman and apprehend the thieves himself. He dismantles a radio in the shelter and creates a time drawing device to bring in a trio of hero’s from the past to help him.

Hercules, Atlas and Sampson agree to help Superman apprehend the electrical inhibitor thieves and the three of them are easily able to accomplish their task. Superman then offers send the trio of hero’s back to the past but they refuse. They announce that they will stay in the present to rule over Metropolis. Superman realizes that the three have great powers but he also notices that they are quite gullible. He convinces them that he brought over four hero’s from the past and not three.

He refers to the fourth hero as Omni Menace and apparently he is the most powerful being of all. Superman visits the Fortress of Solitude and dons an old costume that he obtained from a past villain named Volto. He cleverly defeats each hero one at a time dressed as Omni Menace and then pretends to enslave them. The three heros decide to escape to freedom by going back to their own times. Superman returns to his fortress where he is informed that the three hero’s did not come from Earths past but rather they came from an alternate parallel world where the three of them are actually villains.
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