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Action Comics #445 - DC Comics - 1975

Action Comics #445 - DC Comics - 1975

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Action Comics #445 - DC Comics - 1975
As Cherry Noller leaves an underground casino, she is confronted by Green Arrow who asks for her help in finding Black Canary. The Emerald Archer tells Noller how the woman he loves came to be captured and possibly killed by Max Lucker, owner of the underground casino and suspected American head of the Four Horsemen drug cartel. Noller quickly agrees to help and soon phones Green Arrow with information about Lucker's operation.

Green Arrow sneaks into the casino through an open window into what Cherry has assured him will be an empty room. The room isn't empty and he barely blocks a 2x4 aimed at his head. He fights off a number of thugs before finding Black Canary alive. He frees her by shooting an arrow through the gap between her back the chair back. He's so happy see her that he nearly gets hit from behind with a chair. She pushes him out of the way and takes the guy down. With Canary now free and Lucker captured, Cherry Noller appears, gun in hand, and reveals that she is the Fourth Horseman...
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