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Action Comics #585 - DC comics - 1987

Action Comics #585 - DC comics - 1987

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Action Comics #585 - DC comics - 1987

Superman is being drained of his power by the sorceress Arathaza aboard her flying fortress. Weakened, Superman still manages to crawl within striking distance as Arathaza gloats over her impending victory. Seizing the opportunity, Superman grabs her mystical staff, shattering it. Her staff destroyed, Arathaza reverts to her mortal form as Barb Kowaleski and is easily captured by Superman.

Later, Superman is approached by the Phantom Stranger, who teleports both of them to the scene of a whirling mass of earth and stone near a graveyard. As Superman attempts to contain the monster, the Stranger enters it and is transported to the kingdom of the dead where the undead responsible for summoning the beast reside.
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