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Action Comics #592 - DC Comics - 1987

Action Comics #592 - DC Comics - 1987

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Action Comics #592 - DC Comics - 1987
Big Barda is in the slums of Metropolis. She sees a man shaking down a prostitue and throws the man in a dumpster. Just then, a purse snatcher grabs her purse and flees, but Barda gives chase. An Apokoliptian Ash-Crawler steals the purse from the snatcher and leaves. The snatcher enters the sewers and gives the bag to...the disgusting Sleez. Sleez finds the Mega-Rod and, when Barda comes looking, blasts her into unconsciousness with it. Meanwhile, Superman picks up an energy source, and traces it. Two days later, in the sewers, Sleez is holding Barda captive in his underground lair, and putting her through nightmarish, horrible things, while he films it all.
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