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Action Comics #596 - DC Comics - 1987

Action Comics #596 - DC Comics - 1987

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Action Comics #596 - DC Comics - 1987
In the third part of this Millennium crossover story, the Spectre helps Superman confront the truth behind the supposed death of thousands of people in Smallville who were under the programmed influence of the Manhunters by transporting him into a supposed afterlife version of Smallville, where he finds all its people including Lana Lang still alive.

He also finds a simulacrum of Doctor Whitney as a Manhunter who seemingly has the upper hand on Superman until the Spectre reveals the truth behind this afterlife and causes the simulacrum to rip itself apart, freeing the people from his control and bringing them back to life. Superman assures Lana Lang that, without the Manhunter programming, no one else but her knows that he is Clark Kent.
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