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Action Comics #603 - DC Comics - 1988

Action Comics #603 - DC Comics - 1988

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Action Comics #603 - DC Comics - 1988
Hal Jordan heads Carol’s penthouse at 10 State Street following a lead left by Star Sapphire, and she ambushes him. Their fight causes enough destruction and Hal divides his attention to contain the debris from falling to the street. Still, Hal manages to do both things and takes Star Sapphire's ring from her finger. With the building contained, Hal defeats Sapphire on a fist fight and is about to kill her, but he doubts, and his ring can't comply to his orders. Suddenly, the police arrive and aim their guns at them, distracting Hal. Sapphire uses the chance to recover her ring and blasts everyone in the room, incapacitating Green Lantern, and now she's ready to finish him.
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