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Action Comics #604 - DC Comics - 1988

Action Comics #604 - DC Comics - 1988

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Action Comics #604 - DC Comics - 1988
John Stewart testifies before Congress, coming out as the Green Lantern. A congressman claims that John was seen when an F-16 jet fighter got shot out of the sky, damaging a Coast City penthouse apartment and an office building. John denies his presence at the scenes, claiming that Star Sapphire was responsible for the damages. He also claimes that Star Sapphire was after the other Green Lantern, and that he was burying his wife during the incident.

He explains that he did not choose to be a Green Lantern and that he was no longer one. Suddenly, Hal's Green Lantern Ring flies in and lands on John's table. Then Carol Ferris enters the room to testify against John. Angry, John puts his ring and screams that she is responsible for the incidents and of his wife's death, then aims his power toward her and suffocates her to death. Everyone looks at him, in horror as he just killed a seemingly innocent woman, and he flies out of the building.
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