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Action Comics Weekly #607 - DC Comics - 1988

Action Comics Weekly #607 - DC Comics - 1988

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Action Comics Weekly #607 - DC Comics - 1988
It's early in the morning in a hotel room in Coast City, and Arisia is watching Oprah on the television while Hal fruitlessly tries to sleep. Arisia jokes that Hal should go on Oprah while Hal invokes the ring to fly off and clear his head. Hal laments the nose-dive his reputation has taken recently, with all the incidents with John, and ends up in the Middle East. Nearby a skirmish ensues between two warring factions and Hal intervenes to save a woman and child caught in the crossfire.

Hal is shocked when the woman he saves starts yelling and hitting him. Using his ring to translate, Hal discovers that the woman has read all about the "murderer" Green Lantern. Discouraged, Hal returns to Coast City and tells Arisia that he indeed will make an appearance on Oprah and try to clear his name, and hopefully take steps to help John.
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