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Action Force Monthly #7 - Marvel Comics - 1988

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Action Force Monthly #7 - Marvel Comics - 1988
In Lombardy, in northern Italy, Lady Jaye charges down a road on the Silver Mirage, pursued by two Cobra troopers on Ferrets. She thinks how Action Force has already lost two agents to get vital information out of Milan and she has to get to Lugacelli.

In Lugacelli Low Light arrives disguised as a playboy and takes out a hotel room. In another hotel Dial Tone cuts through the wall to access the building's telephone and fibre optic cables, disturbing another guest in the process. He notes that Cobra Televipers are listening for intruders and so generates "a little ultrasonic, high-decibel feedback". In another room a Televiper is killed by the noise. Another has detected the source and sets off to deal with it whilst a third remains in the room. Back in his room Dial Tone starts fiddling with the wires.
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