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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons #31 (FN/VFN)

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons #31 (FN/VFN)

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"Pillar of Gold"

In the sewers of Waterdeep, a group of dwarves begin excavating a brick wall. Upon breaking it, they release an air elemental fabled to guard a pillar of gold. The elemental blows past Luna's inn, smashing a hole in the floor in the room in which Onyx sleeps. He awakens and finds his father's helm. In the morning Onyx goes to see the wizard Khelben, in hopes of enlisting his aid in finding his father. Using the wizard's magic, Onyx receives a map of the sewers of Waterdeep. Looking at the map, he notices that a section of the sewers seem to be growing before his eyes. Onyx investigates this section of the sewers and fights his way through giant rats to find his father. Together they best the rats, scaring them away. Onyx's dad tells his son that he is in Waterdeep seeking the Pillar of Gold. The two dwarves come across a stone door. After opening it, they discover Onyx's grandfather, sometimes known as the Pillar of Gold.

Featured Characters:

  • Onyx

Supporting Characters:

  • Onyx's dad
  • Onyx's granddad
  • Luna
  • Kyriani (Cameo)


  • Giant rats
  • Air elemental

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