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Adventure Comics #449 - Starring Aquaman

Adventure Comics #449 - Starring Aquaman

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A new villain, the Marine Marauder, appears, with the power to control air-breathing sea creatures by radio waves from transmitters concealed in his costume. The Marauder uses a school of whales to help him hijack a vaccine shipment at sea. Aquaman and Mera are called in to stop a second hijacking, but fail. However, the Marauder's radio waves produce a signal that can be tracked by a ship's sonar, and Aquaman uses this to help him locate the Marauder. The Marauder manages to escape, but Aquaman retrieves the vaccine. Meanwhile, in Atlantis, Aquaman and Aquagirl are confronted at gunpoint by Mcann, who accuses Aquaman of stealing his son.

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