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Adventures Of Superman Vol.1 #441

Adventures Of Superman Vol.1 #441

  • £2.95

Mr. Mxyzptlk appears again to give Superman no end of trouble as he first causes a Big Belly Burger mascot statue to come to life, flinging deadly hamburgers at the Man of Steel. After destroying the statue, Superman tries to get Mxyzptlk to return to his home dimension by saying his name backwards, only to find out that the rules have changed. Having no choice but to play along, Superman is subjected to being cast in a cartoon reality where he must deal with Saturday morning cartoon characters gone crazy.

Finally, he confronts Mxyzptlk in a game show studio where the real object of the magical imp's game is to trick him into painting his face blue. Using a special type of face make-up, Superman accomplishes this and sends the fuming imp back to his home dimension.

Estimated Condition: FN/VF (Used)

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