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Adventures Of Superman Vol.1 #464

Adventures Of Superman Vol.1 #464

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A very drunk Lobo arrives at the Fortress of Solitude with the also drunk Bibbo Bibbowski and Raof. They enter the Fortress, but don't find Superman anywhere. Superman shows up, and tells them to get out. Lobo threatens Superman, and explains why he's there. When Superman tells Lobo that he wouldn't be able to him him fast enough before Superman could dodge, Lobo kicks Superman in the face instead.

While Superman picks himself up, Lobo continue to insult and make fun of Superman. Superman spins around and punches Lobo in the face. Lobo kicks Superman again, and grabs Superman by the neck, explaining who he is, and why Superman should be afraid of him. Superman jokes that Darkseid would hire Amazing Grace to do his dirty work, and not Lobo.

Lobo gets angry, and starts punching Superman's face in, and starts slamming Superman's head into a wall. Superman escapes into the next room, and Lobo follows.

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