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Adventures Of Superman Vol.1 #476

Adventures Of Superman Vol.1 #476

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The Linear Man appears in the present time to capture Booster Gold and bring him back to his own time. He lures Booster to Metropolis by tampering with the internal workings of his robot assistant Skeets.

As Booster arrives, Linear Man hits him with an energy blast, knocking him out of the sky. Superman, who at this time is trying to deal with Lois Lane's reaction to his revealing his secret identity to her and what that would mean for the both of them, confronts Linear Man and accidentally touches his time-traveling controls, opening up a vortex in space-time that swallows him and Linear Man up, though Booster Gold is left behind in the present.

Superman finds himself transported to the 30th Century, where he meets the founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes early in the team's history. He dares to ask them, "What was the final fate of Superman?"

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