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Adventures Of Superman Vol.1 #489

Adventures Of Superman Vol.1 #489

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Previously, Brainiac had unleashed his death radiation upon the heroes. But Guy and Maxima hatched a plan to defeat Brainiac. They penetrated the central chamber to launch a psychic assault on him. Maxima was successful in lobotomizing Brainiac after he was cut off from Warworld's systems.

Now, Metron wants to take Brainiac to New Genesis to study him. His quest for knowledge will progress with Brainiac as a weak sample. Orion brings the Overseer of Warworld. The Overseer tells that news of Brainiac's defeat has already spread among the populace. They bear no ill towards the heroes and terrans. Superman tells Overseer that Warworld must leave the solar system and return to its previous destination. Overseer promises to do so. Orion comes forward to put himself as the new ruler of Warworld. Lightray also wishes to remain alongside his friend. Maxima tries to coax Orion into letting her be his mate, but Orion has had enough of her. Guy Gardner takes the chance to impress Maxima and she accepts his proposal.

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