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Adventures Of Superman Vol.1 #501

Adventures Of Superman Vol.1 #501

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A group of thugs in a taxicab drive by the Superman memorial statue in Centennial Park and begin shooting at it with their guns. Soon after, they attempt to run down an attractive jogger, but a young boy claiming to be the man of steel intercepts them. Crushing the car, he steals a pair of trendy sunglasses from one of the goons and kisses the would-be victim before flying off.

In Suicide Slum, a homeless woman throws a satchel containing three puppies into the harbor. She cannot afford to feed them and would prefer to save them the pain of hunger by drowning them. Fortunately, Bibbo Bibbowski is nearby and dives into the water to save the puppies. He only manages to rescue one before they drown and decides to adopt it. He names it Krypton after the birth planet of his favorite hero, Sooperman.

Estimated Condition: VG- (Used) (2 x hard to see tears on cover cutout)

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