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Adventures Of Superman Vol.1 #503

Adventures Of Superman Vol.1 #503

  • £2.95

Following the destruction of Coast City, the Cyborg Superman continues to play himself as a hero, claiming that a "rogue Superman" is behind the destruction and asks for help in dealing with him. Superboy is called to duty to join Cyborg Superman, though Tana Moon tells him she won't be going with him due to her boss Vincent Edge telling her that Superboy is the main attraction, not her.

As the two Supermen enter into the danger zone, Cyborg Superman shows his true colors and destroys the helicopter escort following them, then he attacks Superboy with the intent of destroying him. During the struggle, Superboy inadvertently causes the Cyborg's cybernetic arm to explode, though he has no idea how. Despite this, Cyborg succeeds in overpowering Superboy just as he sees the mechanical city built over the crater of what once was Coast City.

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