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Adventures Of Superman Vol.1 #533

Adventures Of Superman Vol.1 #533

  • £2.95

Scavenger has created a scavenger hunt for Superman, scattering bombs across the world. Lois Lane meanwhile is upset to learn that Clark never tries to ask the Flash to help him, but since he's away, Superman gets stuck with the young, brash Impulse. They figure out that every bomb they're sent after has been a dud except the one in Metrpolis and go back, stopping Scavenger from further harming Alpha Centurion. Clark saves Lori from falling and she kisses her while they are flying. Lois watches this and gets shocked before going away. Lori apologizes and Clark states it's okay, stating he doesn't always know his impulses either and thinks that no one saw it.

Estimated Condition: VF/NM (Used)

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