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Akira #19

Akira #19

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After an orgy with three young enslaved girls, Tetsuo experiences flashbacks of his past prior to awakening to his psionic abilities. At his side, two of the slave girls have died as a result of brain aneurysm caused by the psychoactive drugs Tetsuo provided them. Tetsuo's mind synchronizes with that of Akira, who says nothing, but gives him a disapproving look. Tetsuo suddenly begins screaming in agony in his bedchamber.

Ryu and Yamada talk about current events. Neo Tokyo has been completely cut off from the rest of the world. Even Russian and American fleets are too scared to encroach upon its borders. They are afraid of Akira.

Tetsuo's aid learns that Kay has been supplying medical aid to two "special children". He recalls hearing Tetsuo speak of such people and knows that this news will be of interest to him. He sends a gang of thugs and savages to pinpoint their location and retrieve the children, Masaru and Kiyoko.

At least a dozen thugs descend upon Kay and Chiyoko's shelter. A vicious fight breaks out and Chiyoko charges into the fray with her mace. The loyalists succeed in kidnapping Kiyoko, but Chiyoko manages to keep the sleeping Masaru from falling into their hands. One of the thugs manages to stab Chiyoko in the side. She repays the compliment by smashing his face with the butt of her gun. After the last of the goons has scrambled, Chiyoko re-supplies her ammunition and prepares to go rescue Kiyoko. She tells Kay to take Masaru to Lady Miyako's temple.

Back at Akira's palace. Tetsuo speaks with one of his orgy playmates from the evening prior – a woman named Kaori. Kaori had not taken the psionic-enhancement pills like the other two girls, and as such is still alive. Tetsuo has further uses for Kaori beyond that of sex.

Chiyoko meanwhile, has breached the borders of the Great Tokyo Empire and clashes with those loyal to Akira. She recovers Kiyoko before she can be delivered to Akira’s palace.

Kay meanwhile, is dragging Masaru on her back and struggling to reach Lady Miyako's temple. A thief hiding in the ruins jumps out at her and holds her at gunpoint.

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