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Alien Nation : A Breed Apart - Full Set #1-#4

Alien Nation : A Breed Apart - Full Set #1-#4

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This sale is for the full set, nos #1 - #4

Alien Nation was first a movie, then a science-fiction television show in the late 1980s. Rather than the usual conflicts associated with aliens from another planet, this series concerned itself with the kinds of problems aliens from another country might encounter: prejudice, hatred, and ridicule. The series used the Newcomers (as the aliens were called) and their struggles as social commentary, and thereby told stories of depth and symbolism.

In A Breed Apart (with inking by Jimmy Palmiotti, before he hit it big with Ash), the Newcomers have integrated themselves into many levels of society. Log b’Omen, a Newcomer, is a Los Angeles police detective partnered with Wayne Hadenfeldt, a human with 20 years on the force. Friar Haddish, another Newcomer, is consolidating his power as head of an organized crime cartel. On one level, this is a cops-and-robbers story, but the addition of alien characters gives it an important added dimension.

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