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Alien Nation : The Spartans - Full Set #1-#4

Alien Nation : The Spartans - Full Set #1-#4

  • £9.95

This sale is for the full set, nos #1 - #4

When the cult science-fiction film Alien Nation was sent to television by Fox, it was not long before a number of comic adaptations would follow.

Alien Nation: The Spartans is a black-and-white mini-series about a group of humans who are conducting illegal and immoral tests on Tectnoese alien “Newcomers” who had fled to our world. When a Newcomer called Art Deco is killed, his brother Harvey Wallbanger gets himself arrested while trying to find out what happened. Ruth Lawrence, a caseworker for the Newcomer Advocacy League, becomes involved and together they search for the truth behind Art’s murder. The Spartans are none too pleased when they are discovered by Ruth and Harvey. The two must run for their own lives, turning to a mysterious Tectnoese stranger for help.

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