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Aliens : Earth War - Full Set #1-#4

Aliens : Earth War - Full Set #1-#4

  • £12.95

This sale is for the full set, nos #1 - #4

Journeying homeward after the disastrous events of the movie Aliens, Lt. Ripley is awakened from hypersleep. The Company, apparently, had sent a second ship after the Sulaku in order to capture an Alien specimen for their weapons labs. Now the commander of that ship wants Ripley to lead them back to the nest. If she refuses, they threaten to take the girl Newt with them instead…

So the soldiers went—and of course the Aliens killed most of them. But The Company never gave up, and eventually succeeded in bringing an Alien to Earth. Not long afterward, Earth itself was overrun by Aliens.

As their home planet turns into a new nesting ground, Ripley and Newt form a desperate plan to stop the Aliens once and for all. It means traveling back to Acheron, where Ripley first met the Aliens, and facing the very source of the Aliens’ evil.

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