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Batman Vol.3 #96 - Variant Cover

Batman Vol.3 #96 - Variant Cover

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As Joker War proceeds, James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez continue to unravel one of the creepiest Joker tales in years. But it doesn’t start that way. The opening segment is a look at a future Gotham where Batman has essentially won his war. A late-middle-age Batman and an elderly Alfred have mostly eliminated crime (although there are a few laggards, like Mr. Freeze and his sons Icepop and Sno-Cone. Seriously).

Bruce is happily married to Selina, Tim and Conner are tight (and have a “proposal” to tell Bruce, heh), and all is well. And it’s all fake, as Alfred’s presence should give away. It’s all a fever dream of Bruce’s under the new Joker toxin, as Harley watches over him while he hovers near death.

Bruce eventually snaps out of it, but the new Joker toxin—while nowhere near as lethal—is much more long-lasting, and Bruce is dealing with its effects on his mind for the entire issue.