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Batman : Last Knight On Earth - Book One

Batman : Last Knight On Earth - Book One

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Writer: Scott Snyder / Artist: Greg Capullo / DC

Ok, when I first dove into Batman: Last Knight on Earth, I wasn’t sure if Scott Snyder could deliver yet ANOTHER Batman book but good GAWD did he deliver! It took a little while for me to get my bearings but luckily, Snyder digs barbed hooks into your cranium with a gripping introduction and once you understand where this story is going, you’re being blessed with phenomenal shots of Bruce Wayne himself in an Arkham Asylum Batsuit looking like a straight up menace!

This is such an ambitious tale. Capullo infuses classic Batman paranoia, Joker wackiness, and undeniable Alfred loyalty with an edgy apocalyptic Gotham angle that also touches on the brimming new possibilities of Gemworld. Every DC character receives an appropriate introduction and immediately becomes a part of Bruce’s mission and aids in his understanding of how he wound up in Arkham as a young man and why the world has gone to hell. Small tidbits of information are littered throughout the pages and by the end of this hearty read, but we find out all available info about the looming enemy that could finally push Bruce to the breaking point.

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