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Batman: No Man's Land: Ground Zero #0

Batman: No Man's Land: Ground Zero #0

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Bruce Wayne is having trouble coming to grips with the No Man's Land syndrome. He goes to Monaco to play up his playboy reputation, but finds little satisfaction in how things are preceding. He hates playing the role of Bruce Wayne. 

The Huntress meanwhile tries to maintain law and order in the impoverished Gotham streets. The locals do not fear her in the same way that they fear Batman however. To compensate for this, the Huntress tries out a new tactic. She dons a new costume and assumes the guise of Batgirl!

Bruce eventually returns and realizes that he can no longer sit idly by and do nothing. He patrols the streets of Gotham and finds the new Batgirl. He immediately recognizes her as the Huntress, but there is little to criticize her - a new adversary has entered the mix, Ferak.

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