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Batman : Tenses #1 of 2

Batman : Tenses #1 of 2

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Ted Krosby sits inside the human resources department as Edward Burns and another employee review his file, which contains an incident report from three weeks ago.

Ted thinks they're talking about his mother's recent death, but they're not: They're referring to a customer service incident that occurred just before Christmas when Ted tried to dissuade a Miss Daphne Caldwell from purchasing a blouse, which he claimed was because he knew she would only wear it to her boss's Christmas party and return it the next day.

Suddenly Ted sees a vision of Burns dying in a violent car accident where he goes crashing through the windshield of his car.

Ted rubs at his head as Burns says he can see why Daphne Caldwell was upset and raised her voice. Customers don't like to be told they're cheats.

Ted says he knows he's been distracted lately... he's been having these nightmares... but he used to be a good worker. Burns says he only brought it up because he was curious. It doesn't have anything to do with "this"--Kane's Department Store is a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, and ever since Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham and took his place as CEO, he's been trimming the fat off his various companies. Ted has been downsized.

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