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Batman : Tenses #2 of 2

Batman : Tenses #2 of 2

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William Black is on the news, reporting on Ted Krosby's robbery attempt and connecting it to Bruce Wayne's restructuring of Wayne Enterprises, which resulted in Ted's layoff. Bruce watches the WGGC broadcast with his arms crossed, a portrait of his parents looking down at him.

Bruce visits the doctor for a physical, and he tells him not to be alarmed by his scars because he plays a lot of extreme sports. After the physical, the doctor comments that aside from his "sports injuries," Bruce is in perfect physical health--in fact, his stress-tests show that he has no stress. That's unprecedented.

The doctor says that a friend of his, who is a homicide detective, once told him about a suspect who could fool a lie detector test because he was so in control of his own physiology. He called him "the greatest liar of all time."

Estimated Condition: VF/NM

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