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Batman Vol.1 #263

Batman Vol.1 #263

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Batman is on the trail of a criminal organization that provides criminal services for other criminals in the underworld. When he is about to take down their leader, Batman is challenged by the Riddler to solve one of his infamous riddles. In doing so, Batman is lured directly into a trap inside a museum, where the Riddler has prepared a whole chamber with loaded crossbows aimed at Batman. The Dark Knight has to solve yet another riddle to save his life and in the meantime, the Riddler moves on and takes over the criminal organization Batman was trying to dismantle.

Batman manages to solve the riddle, saving his life and he learns about Riddler's next plan thanks to another puzzle laid out for him. Batman deduces correctly that Riddler's henchmen would strike on a ship at sea, which is carrying giraffes towards Gotham City and he prevents the strange crime. After stopping this unusual crime, Batman finally learns the Riddler's location and he hurries to capture the criminal. In the meantime, The Riddler is aware that Batman is on his trail and he starts packing his things from his hideout at the Gotham Zoo, but Batman arrives before Riddler can escape. The ensuing battle is short, as Batman defeats Riddler without any trouble and awaits for the police to come in and arrest the prince of puzzles.


Condition: GD (Used) 
A bit tatty, 1" piece missing from top of front cover, Very used)

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