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Batman Vol.1 #350

Batman Vol.1 #350

  • £5.95

Robin recovers after the vampire attack, but he has been bitten and even all the care given to him by Father Green at St. Jude's Hospital is not enough to revert the process that has already started.

Meanwhile, Batman returns home after having stopped the Academy of Crime. As he goes into the Batcave, Alfred tries to warn Bruce about Vicki Vale's plan to reveal his identity, but his revelation has to wait, because at that precise moment, Robin arrives riding his bike. As the Teen Wonder greets his friends, he invites them to a party at the house of Dala, his girlfriend, but his demeanor is strange and Bruce and Alfred notice the strange behaviour, unaware that Robin is slowly becoming a mindless slave of the vampire.

Estimated Condition: GD/VG (Used) 

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