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Batman Vol.1 #399

Batman Vol.1 #399

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The killer Roy Spivey, who has shrunken the head of his decapitated victim, Mona Lamont, is still at large and Batman is unable to find the evidence to arrest him, much to the frustration of Mona's boyfriend George Michaels. To make matters worse, Catwoman has abandoned Batman's side in order to train her new panther and Jason Todd has been neglecting his duties as Robin for the sake of his new girlfriend, Rena.

Taking a chance, Batman breaks into Spivey's apartment and finds some special chemical residue which he takes for further analysis at the Batcave. While Batman does this, Mona's shrunken head is taken to the GCPD Headquarters after it was delivered to Jim Zwaitek, a close friend of Mona. When Batman is summoned to the GCPD, he finds a correlation between the shrunken head and the chemical, which was used to reduce the size of the skull.

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