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Batman Vol.1 #408

Batman Vol.1 #408

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After having stolen a rare jewel, the Joker is confronted by Batman and Robin. During the struggle, Joker shoots Robin, causing the youngster to fall from the edge of a building.

Batman takes his time to stop the Joker before rescuing Robin from the building's ledge, but this delay caused the media to believe and claim that the young hero is dead. After having delivered Joker back to Arkham Asylum, Batman takes Dick Grayson back home, where he tells the young man that he has decided to make use of the media's false claims to retire Robin from the public eye.

Much to Dick's dismay, he agrees with Batman's decision, but he also tells his mentor that the end of Robin doesn't mean the end of his days of fighting crime, foreshadowing his transformation into Nightwing a few years later.

This issue is told as a flashback. It retells the origin of Jason Todd in Post-Crisis continuity. It also marks the first appearance of the character in the new continuity.

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