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Batman Vol.1 #412 (Key: 1st Appearance of The Mime)

Batman Vol.1 #412 (Key: 1st Appearance of The Mime)

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Batman and Robin end their patrol on a saturday night, but they come across the theft of a bell clapper from a church. Instantly, they are summoned to the GCPD Headquarters by Commissioner Gordon, who informs them about similar thefts across the city.

1st appearance and origin of the mime

The name of the rock group "Blister Twister" is a parody of the band Twisted Sister, but the character design and models of the group are more reminiscent of the shock-rock band Kiss. Both bands were very popular in the 80s.  During the rock concert of "Blister Twister", they perform a heavy metal version of the Simon and Garfunkel song, "The Sound of Silence", which is also the title of this story.  There is also a reference to the rock superstar Alice Cooper and his band of the same name. There are also small references to the Aida musical and the Otello opera as posters on page 17.

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