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Batman #414 - DC Comics - 1987

Batman #414 - DC Comics - 1987

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batman arrives at a murder scene and talks to Commissioner Gordon. There have been several killings lately in the "South Heights" district of Gotham City. Young women are being abducted, butchered, and left in dumpsters. There are no forensic clues.Batman leaves Gordon to help with a fire several blocks away. Inside he saves the life of a woman named Kate Babcock and a young girl Cindy. Kate is a social worker who apparently ran into the building and saved several lives before getting trapped. Batman offers to escort her home because of the dumpster killings, but she insists she can take care of herself. Later, Bruce Wayne runs into Kate again at a business dinner held by her father Morton Babcock. They run into each other socially several times and become very pleasant acquaintances.

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