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Batman Vol.1 #417

Batman Vol.1 #417

  • £15.95

The super assassin known as The KGBeast has come to Gotham City. Agent "Andrei Yevtushenko" of the KGB arrives at Gotham to issue a dire warning.

While Mikhail Gorbachev cleaned up a lot of the Russian government, a dangerous top-secret extremist KGB cell that had just been dismantled, "The Hammer," managed to send its top assassin on one last unapproved mission. Codename "The Beast," nicknamed "The KGBeast" by the FBI, an unstoppable killing machine, has come to Gotham City to kill nine people crucial to the American Strategic Defense Initiative (the "Star Wars Program").

He is working with the aid of a Shi'ite terrorist, "Nabih Salari". Yevtushenko was sent by the Soviet government to warn them because the Russians do not want an international incident.

Estimated Condition: FN/VF (Used) 

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