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Batman Vol.1 #423 - 1st Print

Batman Vol.1 #423 - 1st Print

  • £125.00

Classic Todd McFarlane Cover

Three GCPD officers sit in a diner and share stories about encounters they had with Batman that night. The first GCPD officer was dealing with a suicidal heroin addict about to jump off a bridge. Batman jumped off the bridge to save the boy's life and swung him to safety, then gave him a lecture about the value of life. The second officer responded to a robbery.

A gang of punks took several people hostage inside a deli, and were threatening to execute an old lady unless their demands were met. Batman arrived and savagely beat the punks, filling them with terror and throwing the last one through a window. The third GCPD officer has a different kind of story.

Estimated Condition: VF+ (Used) 

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