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Batman Vol.1 #438

Batman Vol.1 #438

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Seated on his bed, holding a gun, Alfred Pennyworth contemplates the pending release of Anthony Zucco that he could not prevent and decides that something must be done. After pacticing aiming, however, he realizes he can not kill, not even for Dick Grayson. He leaves Wayne Manor, thinking to himself that things will turn bad when Grayson finds out his parents' murderer has been released and even worse when the recently more erratic and violent Bruce Wayne finds out.

Elsewhere, Nightwing searches the streets of Gotham City for Batman, contemplating the changes in the man who raised and trained him. He begins to wonder if Bruce isn't going crazy, a theory Kory has always believed in, because though he's always seemed to be in control, the death of Jason Todd changed all of that.

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