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Batman Vol.1 #451

Batman Vol.1 #451

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Commissioner Gordon is troubled knowing that the man who crippled his daughter is still alive and has returned to Gotham. He remembers the torture he went through at the hands of the Joker and he decides to visit Barbara at the Gotham City Public Library, to tell her that he doesn't know what he will do when he confronts the madman.

Joker has in fact returned to Gotham, but he is not responsible for the crimes blamed on him. Joker has been recovering from his near death experience after his escape attempt which ended in a helicopter crash. Ever since, Joker has lost his natural madness and is filled with self-doubt. However, when a new "Joker" appears in Gotham, the real Joker turns his attention to this impostor and tries to figure out a way to get his madness back and reclaim his title as the only Joker in Gotham.

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