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Batman #453 - DC Comics - 1990

Batman #453 - DC Comics - 1990

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Batman has followed the Riddler to Gotham's military cemetery. He is startled when a zombie crawls out of the ground and begins attacking him. Suddenly he is attacked by lifeless zombies on all sides. Batman notices that one of them appears to be human. The Riddler watches this fight in his surveillance van, cackling with delight. His henchman Chuck remarks that he's never seen the Riddler this crazy or bloodthirsty. Batman is able to defeat the zombies when he figures out that they are robots. The human one runs away, and he is revealed to be the Riddler's henchman Jimmy in disguise. The Riddler does not want Jimmy giving away information, so he detonates an explosive on Jimmy's neck, and he dies instantly. Chuck is horrified and the Riddler forces Chuck to drive away at gunpoint. Batman hears their engine and chases the van. He throws himself in front of the vehicle, and leaps away at the last moment. The Riddler swerves to avoid hitting him. This lets Batman know that the Riddler is not trying to kill him, and needs him alive for something. Chuck asks what has gotten into the Riddler. The Riddler replies that he has found religion. Batman realizes how expensive this must have been to set up, and wonders when the Riddler became such a psychopath. He finds the second of the four babies that were kidnapped, lying in front of a tombstone. The tombstone has another riddle on it. "You'll find another little tot, at the 25th who was shot."

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