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Batman Vol.1 #540

Batman Vol.1 #540

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Batman is looking for Damon Shugrue: a False Face Society member. Batman found that man in a local pub. The man was waiting for someone called Tony Sparks when Batman arrived and knocked him to take him to the police. While he was doing it, he overheard that Bruce Wayne was having an radio interview in just a few minutes. He decided to deliver the hood to the police and to attend to the interview.

At the same time in New York City, a building was set on fire killing some people. Nate Kane and Jim Corrigan arrested a possible suspect. Corrigan used his powers as Spectre to get the truth out of the man. He told them that the responsible was Tony Sparks and that he had moved out of New York to Gotham City to get into the Black Mask gang. Corrigan dediced to go to Gotham and find Sparks.

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