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Batman Vol.1 #543

Batman Vol.1 #543

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Batman and Robin discuss the "faceless" murders. They realize that there is a new killer in Gotham City and that he probably suffers from an identity crisis. They can't figure out the connection between the murderer and his victims except for the area of the crimes; all developed in West Gotham. Batman decides to patrol that part of the city while Robin stays in the Batcave and search for more clues.

At the West Gotham Florist store, Faceless is ready to kill the florist himself. The man throws an empty vase at Faceless but the killer dodges it. The vase goes through a window and Batman hears the glass breaking from afar as well as the scream of a man. By the time he arrives, it was already late; the florist is murdered and his face taken. Batman follows the trail of blood left by Faceless and he spots the man walking away. Batman tries to catch up with the man but just around the corner he loses the man due to a massive crowd coming out of a theater. Faceless mixes himself with the crowd and walks away.

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