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Batman Vol.1 #546

Batman Vol.1 #546

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Batman confronts Etrigan and Joker at the roof of Darkhaven Building. Etrigan threw a firing blast towards Batman, but it wasn't aimed to kill him. Batman avoided the blast and landed on an empty area of the rooftop. Etrigan approached Batman and discussed about their actions. Joker wanted to see how Etrigan burned Batman, but he was unable to do so.

Joker and his minions continued to throw stone gargoyles to the GCPD. After a few minutes, Joker sent his minions to check over Etrigan and Batman. They walked to where they had been just to find the place empty. Batman attacked them by surprise and Etrigan took the Joker and jumped onto the next building. Joker and Etrigan escaped the scene and Batman took the henchmen to the police.

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