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Batman Vol.1 #550 - Variant Cover

Batman Vol.1 #550 - Variant Cover

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Cassius Payne, Clayface IV, is captive in the Department of Extranormal Operations laboratory. The doctor Peter Malley is experimenting with Clayface to unravel the mystery behind the Clayfaces. Malley takes a piece of Cassius' skin which is clay instead of normal skin. Malley puts the piece in a glass vase and starts to record some background on the Clayface case.

While he is recording the past history of the formers Clayfaces, the piece of clay inside the glass starts to move in a weird way. It seems that the piece of Cassius' skin is alive itself. Doctor Malley doesn't notice this and he continues working on his recording. The clay starts to burn a side of the glass and makes a hole in it. The clay moves out of the vase and Malley realizes that the clay is gone.

Malley freaks out and starts to look for the clay everywhere. The clay is in an upper pipe and jumps down over Malley. On contact, the clay starts to fuse with Malley and transforms into a new clay-like being. A guard overhears the noises and enters the room to see what is happening. The guard faces a monster and when the guard shoots the monster's head three times, the bullets just pass through without harming the clay person.

The monster looks at the gun in the guard's hand and starts to melt it without even touching it. Then he melts one of the walls and escapes the facility looking for his "mommy and daddy in Gotham". Cassius feels that a part of him is leaving him and wants to be freed to follow it to Gotham. The clay-thing melts a car's door and starts his journey to Gotham City.

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